Custom Software

Mathers IT can design & build custom applications to streamline your business processes. Do you find that when completing a task you often think "There has to be an easier way?" Often a simple solution exists that can save you money and time.

Example: Your business has a point of sales software package that manages your sales and stock level for over the counter sales. Your business also has a shopping cart on your website and you find that you are having to manually update your stock levels in your point of sales system and on your website every time a sale is made to ensure each system accurately reflects the stock you have available. Mathers IT can design a custom application that links your point of sales system with your website shopping cart so that when sales are made either over the counter or through your website shopping cart your stock levels are automatically updated.

If you have a business process that you would like streamlined, contact us to discuss your software needs.

To view software currently available from Mathers IT, visit our downloads page.